Transitional / Classic


4500 Sq feet
6 Bedrooms / 6 Washrooms


Custom Buff Front Stone Facade, Smart System, 14 Feet Extravagant High Basement Ceilings



The Lea Village is a simple home, a home designed to look this way. Our clients wanted it this way and that’s exactly what Ocean Breeze Homes Design and Construction team delivered. This home looks very simple yet commands serious respect and admiration of anyone who passes by or visits it. Beauty and Classic designs merged to create an opulence. The very open concept and excellent use of space gives The Lea Village a lot of practicality and efficiency. Arched front porch provides shade and shelters guests and residents from the elements. Oversized skylights shines light down the stair hall all the while the south facing windows of the home provide excellent light exposure and truly illuminate the kitchen and living area. The lea village is but a home designed to fit in a village but this one rests in the heart of Toronto. Guests will often forget that they are in the city and will feel as if they are in the country side upon spending some time inside The Lea Village.

The lea Village truly gives the feel of village living but with all luxury, technology, and location of the city.

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