Ocean Breeze Homes combines elegance & functionality to redefine modern luxury.

We pride ourselves on the importance of architecture and design. We believe that excellence is often found in the smallest details – high end finishing and top of the line amenities, luxurious upgrades and design that is both inspired and functional. Our in-house design team, recognizes and appreciates the value of creativity in establishing quality to achieve the highest value for our clients in all of our custom projects.


The design is the foundation for your project’s success. Our creative and innovative design process ensures that you’re in control of your build.

Custom Home Building

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Reapers Digest

Ocean Breeze Homes are a terrific company with a team that is helpful, innovative and creative. I recommend them for anyone who is looking to build a custom home.

Chris Stroesser

These guys are great to work with. They have great ideas to bring to any project and can definitely deliver. Even when there are issues, which any project faces, Ocean Breeze handles everything with care and determination as if it were their own home.

Onaiza Kazi

Awesome team to work with if you are looking to build your dream home. Literally their attention to detail is impeccable! Can’t thank them enough for making all my visions come to life! Their finishes and designs are far beyond what I would have imagined. Bilal the ceo of ocean breeze homes was so great to work with he listened to exactly what I wanted and made it come to life. Their interior designer shaaista is definitely someone to watch when it comes to young interior designers in Toronto. They get everything done in such a timely manner. Thanks guys

Farhan Kureshy

Very professional, organized and efficient! This company has an excellent team and the quality of the builds are amazing.

Auon Rizvi

Amazing team. Very hard working and trustful staff. Thank you soo much for all your efforts and making the experience for myself and my family such a Breeze

Crystal MC

We like the floor plan and its proximities. The team were very accommodating and always did their best to satisfy our wishes. We built a large complex home that presented many challenges and everyone took pride in being involved in the process. Stylish with the most upbeat design is what I wanted and I’m so happy about the overall look. Highly recommend their design expert!

Kail Hopes

Ocean Breeze has one of the best teams I’ve ever worked with. Thank you to everyone who made my dream come true.

Peter Moulton

Shaista is a design genius. I recommend anyone who is indecisive when making decisions to trust her taste. She works wonders.

Real Group

Shaaista Lalani and Bill are amazing to work with. We are super excited to work with such a wonderful team. Shaaista has amazing design ideas and Bill has the amazing know how knowledge to make it all into a reality. Thank you for everything. Looking forward to working with you guys for as long as possible.

If you wanna build, get in touch with them right away

City Stairs

Just wanted to share the experience we had working with Ocean Breeze Homes. We were to install a stair that required very specific requirements to the home. In order for this particular stair to work with the limited space that we had to work with we needed the builder to be extremely precise and accurate. Bill was able to make this process very simple and made the job rather easy. All was set up for us perfectly and on the timeline required. Building a home can be a trying experience let Ocean Breeze take care of it and all will be easy.



Ocean Breeze Homes has the experience to build that vision into reality.


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