Kleinburg Custom Home Builder

combining elegance & functionality to redefine modern luxury.

Ocean Breeze Homes combines elegance & functionality to redefine modern luxury.

With over 15 years of experience, we specialize
in crafting custom homes in the most esteemed regions of Ontario, including Forest Hill, Lawrence Park, Bayview, and York Mills, while also venturing beyond the Greater Toronto Area, such as Kleinburg. Our unwavering commitment to top-notch craftsmanship, meticulous attention to detail, and unwavering focus on customer satisfaction have been pivotal in propelling our success within the industry.

Our Services

The design is the foundation for your project’s success. Our creative and innovative design process ensures that you’re in control of your build.

Architecture & design

We provide digital renderings, permit application, architecture drawings and design storyboards that will give you a visual of how your amazing exterior and interior ideas come together.

interior design

We help guide you to select top quality finishes for your home and provide an interior design package to ease the build process.

construction management

For every build, we assign a personal concierge to your project and provide you a client dashboard so you can updated wherever you go.

Custom home construction

Built with the top of the line finishing and appliances, fixtures, with each item catered to the client’s desires.

renovations & Additions

Working with what you have existing and completely transforming it into your vision or making an extension to your home. 

Custom Home Design & Build

Building your dream home

Our team of professionals combines our many years of experience with our creative designs, to plan and build your dream home from the ground up. We’re known for prioritizing the clients first as we pay extraordinary attention to every detail throughout the building process. All of our homes are built with the top of the line finishing and appliances, fixtures, with each item catered to the client’s desires.

Edward Fayer
Edward Fayer
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Bill and his team were amazing to work with. They were able to keep our project within budget and timeframe we discussed at the beginning which is never the case when working with other contractors. Will definitely recommend to all of our friends and family!
City Stairs
City Stairs
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Just wanted to share the experience we had working with Ocean Breeze Homes. We were to install a stair that required very specific requirements to the home. In order for this particular stair to work with the limited space that we had to work with we needed the builder to be extremely precise and accurate. Bill was able to make this process very simple and made the job rather easy. All was set up for us perfectly and on the timeline required. Building a home can be a trying experience let Ocean Breeze take care of it and all will be easy.
Sharon Lee
Sharon Lee
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I could not be any more excited then to work with the Ocean Breeze team once again!! I already had the experience of working with Ocean Breeze on my last home 2 yrs ago. From my experience of investing into properties and working with many developers, I can not be any more happier then with the final outcome of their projects! Every dollar is a pure investment into their homes with the beautiful craftsmanship and the care and time placed with their design team, I have no need to invest any where else but with this team. Thanks Ocean Breeze for making my dreams a reality :)
Alchemi Real
Alchemi Real
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Shaaista Lalani and Bill are amazing to work with. We are super excited to work with such a wonderful team. Shaaista has amazing design ideas and Bill has the amazing know how knowledge to make it all into a reality. Thank you for everything. Looking forward to working with you guys for as long as possible. If you wanna build, get in touch with them right away ;)
Crystal MC
Crystal MC
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We like the floor plan and its proximities. The team were very accommodating and always did their best to satisfy our wishes. We built a large complex home that presented many challenges and everyone took pride in being involved in the process. Stylish with the most upbeat design is what I wanted and I'm so happy about the overall look. Highly recommend their design expert! If you wanna build, get in touch with them right away ;)
Marlene Jaegerman
Marlene Jaegerman
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We highly recommend building a home with Ocean Breeze Homes. Their timming, workmanship, and quality of materials and finishes were outstanding. We were very happy to work with everyone on their team as well.If you wanna build, get in touch with them right away ;)

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