design your dream home

interior & exterior design


Ocean Breeze and its affiliates are among the industry’s most conscientious, detail-oriented and quality-minded builders. We firmly believe that quality is not only in the details, but also in the functionality and flow of a home. The conceptual design and layout of our homes, along with our overall building process are what sets Ocean Breeze apart. Whether you wish to have us build your dream home or collaborate on a profitable development endeavor, we are your partners from beginning to end; from finding you the right plot of land if needed, to pre-planning & design, to handling every construction detail, to completion and beyond.

Custom home Design

Our team of professionals combines our many years of experience with our creative designs, to plan and build your dream home from the ground up. 

We assess all your needs and design your dream home with your desired budget in mind. From structural drawings to permit applications, we make sure your design is seamlessly integrated to our build process. 


Our designers blend your ideas with the expertise to design beautiful spaces using professional software. We provide digital renderings, 3D layouts, and design storyboards that will give you a visual of how your amazing ideas come together. Using your favourite choices, we will show you the absolute best model your new home can be. Our experienced team of professionals understands how to achieve your dream interior in a way that interruptions and inconvenience during the process are kept to a minimum. Your design concepts transform into drawings that will ultimately form your dream home.