You may have heard the debate of whether vinyl or fiberglass make the best choice for your windows if you’re having a new home built, or if you are doing a home renovation. Perhaps you have even gone over to a builder’s supply store, or are seeking a home builder to consult with. Read on to see 5 reasons why fiberglass might be the option that’s clearly the best over the years, and will have you looking at the brighter side of things. Pun intended.

Strength and Longevity

The expansion and contraction that comes from heating and cooling due to the changing temperatures is the same for the fiberglass window pane as it is for the glass in your window. This is because fiberglass is derived from glass itself. This all translates to a solid window that will have its risk of seal failure diminished significantly with the changing temperatures that we see in Toronto, as well as the rest of the lovely north that we reside in. In contrast, because vinyl windows have seams that are welded at the corners and have different expansion and contraction rates than the window glass, you may see seal failure occurring in those areas. Structurally, fiberglass is more superior in strength than their vinyl counterparts. They also require minimal maintenance; just a fresh coat of paint if want. Rest assured that with fiberglass, you will have a window that will not warp as it is more rigid, and you can expect it to be up to 9 times stronger than vinyl, and to have a lifespan of at least an extra 38 years over the vinyl!


Environmentally Friendlier and Energy Efficient

Fiberglass window are comprised using approximately 60% recycled glass. Vinyl windows are made of a material called polyvinyl chloride, or PVC. There have been many debates over the years about its eco-friendliness, however all that aside, they are still way harder to recycle than fiberglass at the end of its lifecycle. From an energy efficiency standpoint, fiberglass is the winner. This is because fiberglass windows will not contract with the changing temperatures which mean that heating and cooling costs may be lowered as the heat is not entering or exiting your home from the window. As an added bonus, they are better for soundproofing too as they are sealed better than vinyl.



Increase Real Estate Value

It may not be a big boost in real estate value, but it’s still worth adding that fiberglass windows will make your home more desirable to potential buyers as they will feel that they are getting more durable, stronger, and longer lasting windows. This will mean, to them, that they likely won’t need a renovation to replace their windows anytime soon, and that their new potential home will be more energy efficient due to the lack of seal failure which will prevent the heat and cold from coming in or leaving the house unwanted.

Choice for Customization

Whether you’re just doing a home renovation or having a custom home builder build your dream home, you will get the most options for different colours and finishes with fiberglass. In addition, you can even paint your fiberglass window if needed if you want it to be a very specific shade, or if you just got bored of the same colour over the years – and let’s face it, you will have these windows a long time so you may want to switch things up!)



Fiberglass windows are stronger and less material is needed in the frame. This means that you will get more of the window glass in your window so you can get more sunshine in! Also, they have a neater finish because they are seamless, crisp, and inconspicuous at the seams. Vinyl windows are heat welded at the corners with the excess cut off, leaving them with a messy finished look.


Although economically vinyl windows might make the most sense as it is initially the more affordable option, you should strongly consider the benefits of choosing fiberglass over vinyl as the long term benefits outweigh the initial costs.

Installation is key as well. You need a true expert to install these windows for maximum effectiveness. Choose our master builders at Ocean Breeze Homes who will use their expertise and care throughout the installation process.

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