Smart Homes – Is it Time to Upgrade?

“It’s your turn to turn out the lights!”

“I wonder how our dog is doing while we are at work.”

“Did we turn out the lights before leaving the house?”

“We need someone to house sit while we are on vacation.”

“We aren’t expecting anyone at this time of the night… I wonder who could be at the door.”

“I wish there was a better way to save on monthly utility bills.”

Does any of this sound familiar?
If you answered yes, you would benefit from an upgrade to smart home automation technology. That’s right. Smart homes devices are becoming increasingly mainstream. According to the International Data Corporation (IDC), the global market for smart home tech is expected to expand by 26.9 % in 2019 compared to the year before. It’s not just the early adopters or that super tech savvy kid down the street who’s making the switch, it’s also seniors, people with certain disabilities and families of all shapes and sizes who are jumping on board and embracing the technology. In addition to the added perks and conveniences of smart home automation that you can enjoy, you can also increase your home’s value from a real estate standpoint and save yourself a bit of money in the long run on bills.
You are already probably familiar with the fact that you can turn lights and appliances on and off with your voice with some fancy device. Maybe you’ve even seen it at the home of someone you know and thought they were performing magic by getting their home illumination to succumb to their will with their voice.

This is only the beginning though; you can do so much more with this technology. Smart home automation allows you to remotely hold two-way conversations with visitors at your door from anywhere in the world, view footage of your home, arm or disarm your security system, or adjust your home’s temperature with ease. Retailers such as Best Buy and Home Depot, make it easy to choose the gadgets that will suit your needs best. The best thing about transitioning to smart home automation is that, with the help dream home builders, you can choose exactly how much you want to have automated through technology. You don’t necessarily have to have everything completely automated. You can start with maybe just a light switch here and there, or maybe have a few cameras within the house or just outside for security purposes. As you get comfortable with the different gadgets and the conveniences that come with it, you can add on more as needed.

With the changing demographics across the globe, more and more potential home buyers are coming into the market who do not fear technology much like many of the elder generations who didn’t grow up with as much tech devices. The people who are entering into the market are the ones who have grown up with and/or have become dependent on smartphones, Wi-Fi and social media. The right sort of smart upgrades within your house might just tip over their decision to purchase from you. You can see a potential 3 to 5 percent increase in your home’s value according to Consumer Reports TELUS had also published a study back in 2016 that showed that 43 % of Canadians would be ready to pay more for a home that was complete with the latest smart home automation technology So it’s not just for show; you can see the actual increase in your house’s desirability and value with these upgrades in technology within your home.

“Turn it up. Turn it down”. Your need for varying temperatures in your home during different times of the day might seem like a lot to think about sometimes. A smart thermostat can take the guess work out of this as it can learn what temperature you like the home to be at throughout the day. Smart blinds can be programmed to open and shut as needed to further help with the regulation of temperature within your home. These upgrades, among others, work hand in hand to pay themselves off and get your hard-earned money back into your pocket. Nest, a popular smart thermostat company owned by Google, revealed a study with concluded that using its Learning Thermostat enabled American customers to save about 15% on their cooling bills and approximately 10-12% on their heating bills. Although the initial investment may seem steep, it can definitely benefit in the long run to go smart with your home heating and cooling needs.

Smart home automation technology is growing exponentially throughout the globe. The market is full of options and possibilities! You can make the switch for the convenience and comfort, for the savings or just to add value to your home. Whatever your reason may be, you can talk to a professional to help with your questions and concerns. Turn to your custom home builders at Ocean Breeze Homes or to your local tech/home shop and be ready to be wowed with what you can do with the magic of technology! Contact our team at Ocean Breeze Homes to see what you can do. We provide services in home renovations, landscaping, interior design and custom home building in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area.


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