Spring has arrived! After many long months of being locked in with the frigid, harsh temperatures of the “True North Strong and Free”, you’re probably ready to spend some days outside in the sunshine ready to work on your tan. Don’t forget to give your home a bit of tender loving care though, as the season changes, and you start to plan for the gorgeous summer days ahead.


It’s time to tackle all those tasks that have been piling up around the home and to add a bit of spring into your home as well (pun intended). Read on for a quick reminder on tasks that need to be completed on the exterior of your home as well as around the outside, along with some quick, inexpensive home décor tips that are sure to boost the visual appeal of any home.

Spring Cleaning 101

There are a series of cleaning and maintenance tasks that should be completed around the house on and on the outside that get neglected over the colder season. Use this checklist as a guide to get your through your spring cleaning. We’ve even left a few spots at the bottom empty in case there’s anything else that you would like to add to this list specific to your needs.

Click here to download your free Outdoor Spring Cleaning and Maintenence Checklist, courtesy of Ocean Breeze Homes

To get yourself organized for the task at hand, make sure you’re well-equipped with the right tools to avoid setbacks on your mission. You will need the following:

To get yourself organized for the task at hand, make sure you’re well-equipped with the right tools to avoid setbacks on your mission, courtesy of Ocean Breeze Homes

Outdoor Home Decor

Now that your home is looking in pristine condition on the outside, thanks to the hard work that you’ve put in, it’s time to add a bit of embellishments to make it truly shine. Read on for some quick and inexpensive tips to add some zing to your outdoor living space.

Add a Comfortable Chair

Nothing spells comfort like a good lounging chair. You can choose to go for a swing or a chaise to relax on or perhaps an outdoor daybed. You can even spruce up an existing chair by adding some new cushions, or repainting to revive the appearance. Pay attention to the placement as well as this is important. Chairs should generally be placed facing each other to facilitate easy conversation. Changing the placement of furniture will do wonders for the overall look of any space. You can work with what you have and experiment to freshen up the look.


Give your Entrance a Splash of Colour

A bright new colour on the door will boost the curb appeal of your home. If you’re nervous about going too bright, choose a colour with some neutral or earthy undertones. You can go for a terra cotta red, or a blue with gray undertones to avoid going full rainbow bright. This is an easy DIY that will make a huge difference.

New Entrance Mats and Planters

A new mat in the doorway can give a clean look to the entrance. You can also choose to add planters to either side of the door to give a warm, inviting look. If you prefer unique and interesting pieces, you can upcycle unexpected objects and transform them into planters. You can use old, colourful rainboots, small wagons, old drawers, and old mailbox, or a brightly coloured colander – if you can think it, you can do it! A bit of spray paint can go a long way to add bright colours to old, unwanted items that can be repurposed into planters.

Bird Feeders and Cages

A cute DIY bird feederis an excellent way to welcome spring as the beautiful tweets of birds are the harbinger of spring. You can have it fully functioning so that you can see birds returning to your home over and over again. It’s like having pets without the maintenance (other than the occasional refilling of seeds and/or water if you choose to get a water fountain for them as well.)! Alternatively, you can also place a pretty bird cage. You can decorate it with a small nest on the inside with faux blue robin eggs, flowers, and an artificial bird. Check out your local hardware store to pick one up ready-made, or DIY your own.

Spring Wreath

A fresh spring wreath on the door can be a bright welcome to the warmer days ahead. You can buy undecorated wreaths from the Dollar Tree that you can decorate yourself with ribbons, flowers and leaves, or choose one from a store.

Have an open mind when it comes to outdoor spring décor. Sometimes you can find inspiration in the most unexpected of places to bring beauty and harmony to your home. So have fun, and get ready to enjoy the beautiful days of summer!


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