Top Interior Design Trends to Fall in Love with in 2019

2019 is well underway! Although spring is taking its sweet time in making its debut this year, we can take comfort in knowing that at least when it comes to interior designs, we’ve got the latest scoop on the hottest trends that are sure to heat up your homes!

Resurrection of Wallpaper

Yes, you read that right! These aren’t the wallpapers on your grandma’s wall though. 2019’s wallpapers are bolder than ever, featuring everything from multi-colored geometric patterns, alluring scenery, to extravagant abstract shapes that take over the need to even hang up a painting! Any room can benefit from an instant refresh of a wallpaper that will suit your style. You can choose to just have a statement wall or go all out with wallpaper covering all four walls of any room! Give this easy trend a try to see how it instantly add value to any room.

“Maximalism”- More is More!

You may have heard of minimalism before with everyone KonMari-ing their homes and decluttering. The simple, modern, stark interior design trends 2017 and 2018 brought us are being phased out with an entirely different approach. “Maximalism” is just the opposite (minus the clutter!)-at least visually. No, this is not an excuse to hoard or just to put anything, anywhere. Rather, “maximalism” is more about steering away from the simpler, less-is-more philosophy. This means you can experiment, and go over the top with pairing vibrant hues and bold wallpapers, and ditch the neutrals. Layer different textures; velvet with rattan chairs, wool afghans and furry rugs, and metallic animal sculptures on tables with wool runners. If you’ve got beautiful collectibles sitting in a box in the basement as you think about one day moving them when you do basement renovations, now is a time to put the spotlight on them and use them to decorate a vanity or shelf. Play around with it. Add touches that suit your personality. Don’t take things too seriously.

Monochromatic looks

On the opposite side of the spectrum as “maximalism”, single coloured rooms are also taking over. If throwing around too many colours is not your thing, you can go with this look. Or designate a different room with this approach. Monochromatic spaces are anything but dreary! The trick is to still experiment, and take risks by layering different materials to give you different textures. If you want to do a navy (hint: this is a hot choice right now!), for example, you could go for a leather couch with felt, woven cushions, a faux fur rug with a backdrop of a wallpaper statement wall- all in the same colour! The different materials will bring about slightly varying shades of the same colour due to the different materials being used, and how the light is absorbed, and reflected off of these surfaces. A certain lush complexity will be added to the looks which will have your dream home dripping in luxury!

Rugs Galore!

With carpets being replaced at most homes these days, this is a trend that we can all get behind! Who doesn’t love a cozy rug?

You’ve seen them on Instagram; bold animal prints, Aztec patterns, neutral geometric prints. Now is the time to embrace the wide variety of rugs that are available for you to choose from. You can throw a runner in a smaller area like a hallway or a spot in the kitchen to make a statement. Larger area rugs can be used in a living room or family room. Go with what makes you happy and brings harmony to your living space.


If you are looking for kitchen renovation ideas or bathroom renovation ideas, terrazzo can offer the perfect counter top surface that will be eco-friendly, functional, and stylish. It gives an earthy feel to your rooms and its tonal variations, created by the mixture of quartz, granite, glass and marble chips, are mesmerizing, and pleasing to the eye. You can choose this material for flooring as well, or perhaps as a backsplash.

Industrial Metal Interiors

Metallics have been around for many years in interior design. The change this year is that the shift is being made to a metallic that looks more industrialised. We are seeing the return of polished nickel and silver, black steel, gleaming metals and brass. Black stainless steel is also gaining popularity and will likely take over soon. Metals add a highly sophisticated and majestic appearance to homes. Top builders in Toronto are seeing an increase in the demand for these elements in the dream homes of their clients.

There are many ways to incorporate these industrial metal touches in your home. A tin backsplash will especially compliment your kitchen. Tin ceilings are simply regal and will elevate the stature of any room. You can also add metallic panels, or mirrors and picture frames that are all set in metal.

Black Kitchens

This is one of the biggest changes this year in home interior design as white kitchens have long dominated homes. This change is easy to make by adding in some wallpaper, painting cabinets, or adding a backsplash in this colour. The colour will completely transform the entire kitchen, and you will feel like you got an entire kitchen renovation (without the kitchen renovation cost!)

We are so in love with this year’s home interior design trends that have emerged. It doesn’t matter if your style is Bohemian, industrial, mid-century modern, urban modern, or shabby chic. There is something for everyone in the interior design trends of 2019! We’d love to see your vision through for your dream home. Contact us today to schedule a meet.

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