7 Home Office Ideas that Will Have You Rushing to Work Everyday

Work from home opportunities are on the rise with more and more employers offering options for their employees to work from home to create a healthy work-life balance. According to Regus Canada, 47 per cent of Canadian employees work in non-traditional settings outside of the main offices of their employers for about half a week or more. From those surveyed, 39 per cent said that they work almost exclusively from home, and another 11 per cent work entirely at home. The global rise of high-speed internet has also contributed to many entrepreneurs being able to manage their businesses from home. With this shift in the work place settings, creating home office spaces right within homes has become highly popular.

If you are finding yourself among those joining the gaining trend of working from home (or perhaps you just need a decent workspace for your children to do homework), then read along for tips on how you too can add a space to your home that will boost your productivity and spark creativity. The best part? You don’t need to undergo a full home renovation, search for custom home builders in Toronto, or hire an interior designer to make your office interior design dreams come true.

Awaken Your Inner Artist

Artwork, sculptures and décor all embellish a space. Even if you’re doing boring paperwork all day, when you look up from your work, your eyes can take a quick mini-vacation by feasting on stunning visuals that are sure to subconsciously relax you, and to spark creativity and passion. This in turn can help increase productivity and have you feeling a calming sense of Zen that will help you make it through the day. You can use an existing bookshelf and declutter what you don’t need off of it and empty out a shelf specifically to display a painting, framed picture, or some other piece of art that will inspire you. Save the extra flair and detailing for your office décor accents and keep the furniture sleek and minimalistic to avoid an overly distracting area that will have an opposite effect of what we are trying to achieve.


Add Some Greens – They’re Not Just for Your Plate!

You know how much we love this tip when it comes to home interior design if you’ve read some of our previous blogs!  This tip is one that applies to most parts of your home. It is in our genetic coding to have a strong attraction to natural elements. It’s why most people find bodies of water calming and why we enjoy the outdoor, With being cooped up all hours of the day at work, we tend to feel the negative effects in our well being. This is why it’s so important to add some sort of greenery to our workspace. There are many different plants that you can choose from that will add beauty to your workspace, purify the air, and are low maintenance, including cactus, lemon balm (lemon balm tea anyone?), and aloe (hello, instant facial!) You can make it your own by choosing a plantar that will match your office and let your own unique personality shine through.

Let the Sun Shine in

If you can find a spot in front of a window to set up your work desk, DO IT! If your worried about privacy, or distractions from seeing the neighbourhood dogwalker or garbage truck, you can add a fogged window film to make the window opaque or translucent depending on how much you want to block out without actually sacrificing on any of the gorgeous sunlight. Natural light, unlike artificial light emanating from a screen or light bulbs, creates a lively and energizing luminosity.

Use Open Shelving

This is a tip that can be both, practical and beautiful. In the case of a kitchen interior design – home office interior design amalgamation, where you are multitasking and housing your office within the kitchen, you can take advantage of extra kitchen shelves. Keep this neat and minimalist to reduce time needed to pull out office documents, stationary and any other items that you will need on a regular basis and boost efficiency. With careful placement, you can add little beautiful art and make your everyday office items appear attractive.

Splash in Some Colour

Is there a colour that you really love to look at? Paint the walls (or maybe just a wall. Statement wall, anyone?) in that colour to make the place your own. Unlike the restrictions at a traditional workplace where painting the walls, especially in a non-neutral colour, may not be an option, you can really take advantage of this tip at your home by choosing the colour that speaks to you. Greens make excellent productivity boosters. Or perhaps you fancy yourself a bold purple. Work with what you like and have fun!’

Declutter to Destress and Delight

No one likes a messy workspace. Hide unpleasant cords from the home office electronics. Place your electrical equipment, such as printers, scanners and home phones close to the outlets for convenience. Cover cords in cord covers like these ones.Be sure to feed the appropriate cords through the desk grommet. Sort out cord tangles below the desk using some tubing and wire organizers to give a seamless look to your home office and avoid looking like a health and safety hazard. Declutter often, and mercilessly to ensure that you don’t let the daily work pile up into a mountain that you can never summit. Maximize your space to the fullest. Store things vertically, and install shelves that reach up high to utilize vertical space. Tuck things neatly away after you use them and store them according to what makes sense. Keep what is used most near you, but in a way that it can be easily tucked away.

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Make it YOU

There is no textbook rule that you have to follow when it comes office interior design. You can do “you”. To design sometimes, is to find a way to create beautiful spaces with what you already have. Look around all over your house with a critical and keen eye. You might find little trinkets, furniture, or accents that you acquired over the years that don’t really look like they belong there. Perhaps you have forgotten items stuffed in the garage or basement that would make an excellent additions to your custom home office interior design. Is there a neglected side table, overlooked rug, or snubbed vase lingering anywhere that will ad zing to make your office ama-ZING? Keep an open mind, try moving things around and rearrange until you get a perfect, picturesque setting.

As you can see, you don’t need to break the bank to create a beautiful and productive workplace within your home. Just use the interior design ideas above to add style function to you home office, and you’ll be sure to keep on top of all your work!

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