Tips to Get Your Home Spring Ready – Indoor Edition

Spring is in full bloom – Finally! It’s time to bust out the umbrellas, and flip flops! It’s also the perfect time to get your home in order with some fresh spring cleaning and to revive the interior décor to add some springy elements.

Check out our comprehensive list below and check off all the necessary spring-cleaning tasks. We left spots empty at the bottom of the list for you to add tasks tailored to your own specific needs. Read on for tips to spruce up the home interior décor when you’re done with the cleaning below the checklist. For a guide to outdoor spring cleaning and décor, click here!

You can print out this list for free, courtesy of Ocean Breeze Homes and use it to help you along the process to make sure that nothing is missed.

Spring Home Décor Refresh

Good news! You’ve completed the much-needed interior cleaning! Now it’s time to add a little bit of spring charm to your home to bring it into full bloom! Follow along these simple, inexpensive tips to have your home go from “blah” to “voila”!

Bring the Outdoors In

If you’ve been following our blogs lately, you’ve seen this tip before in our “Top Interior Design Trends in 2019”. It’s not just about adding botanicals within the interior. You can also add playful, floral, or leafy patterns to bedding, cushions, lamp shades, etc.

Skip the Drapes

You can give your home a fresh, airy look by forgoing heavy drapes and just leave behind the blinds. If you don’t like the bare look, add some lightweight, sheer curtains to add a bit of sophisticated glam throughout your home.

Add a POP of Colour

This is perhaps our quickest, go to tip. Add a few bright coloured cushion covers, paintings, or perhaps a statement piece of furniture to liven up any space. Think cute mini ottoman – or perhaps a colourful side table. If bold or primary colours are not your forte, you can choose cheerful pastels as well. Colour can also be added in the form of brightly coloured, tall drinking glasses that you can place in areas that receive lots of sunshine to give colour to the entire home.

Flower Power

Nothing says “SPRING” like flowers! Add some floral pots to spring up any space. You can choose some easy to maintain flowers if you’re not much of a horticultural expert. Alternatively, you can add some basic floral paintings to wall. You can also add some fruit – real or faux – to a dining table in a beautiful bowl to give a similar effect.

Revive Old Knobs and Handles

Add new hardware to existing cabinets and drawers to make them new without actually switching them out! (Take along your old knobs to the store to ensure that you get the right sizes!). Don’t be shy to add in some vivid colours or cool designs!

Remember, when it comes to interior décor, there aren’t many hard and fast rules to follow. You just have to go with what feels right, looks beautiful, and brings your little idiosyncrasies to physical form. Have fun with it!

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